Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hiking with Shilo

One of Shilo's favourite pastimes is to go out into the woods for a good hike.
We try to take her when the weather permits or there's not a Nascar race LOL!

Here are some pics of recent hikes.

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  1. Hi Paula

    Thanks so much for leaving a message on my Blog. Oh my it looks COLD over there!!! Your little doggie is very very cute and looks like he/she is having fun in the snow.

    Wow you are so far away, isn't it amazing how we can connect with people from far away.

    I love the boarder on your blog too. Hope all is going well with your foster parenting. Its hard work these kids that we have !!!! But, as you would know, very worth it. All kids a pretty wonderful (even the difficult ones - like my Miss Jemma LOL)

    Have a great day!!